Discover the secrets of Piešťany that you had no idea about up to now

Do you feel like you have already been to Piešťany and seen the best of it? There isn’t anything more to surprise you in the famous spa town? The opposite is true. The guided tour of the city will show you what other treasures Piešťany hides.

An opportunity that can’t be denied. Thanks to such an active day, you will spend not only pleasant but also useful time.

Individual tours are suitable for new visitors of Piešťny Rezort, as well as for regular vacationers. Thanks to the tours, you will create a deeper relationship with the spa town, because you will get to know it in more detail. At the same time, you will certainly get acquired with new locations, from which you will be able to choose your favorite one.

You can choose from several types of tours – whether it will be focused on the general history of Piešťany, or specifically for example, the history of the local power station or the House of Arts. If you love nature, we recommend a very interesting and attractive presentation by an ornithologist. In the coming weeks, you can take these following guided tours in Piešťany:



Get to know Piešťany and Spa Island

During the guided tour of Piešťany 2022, which is free for all participants, you will also visit the Spa Island. It includes a tour of the most important historical and architectural movements with an presentation as well as a professional local guide, a tasting of thermal water and real spa wafers at the Napoleonic baths or various advice and tips from locals.

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Visiting the ornitologist

Group at around 20 people may participate at unique tour and birds ringing with ornithologist in conservation area which carries name: Výsadba at Sĺňava, Piešťany. During the gripping 2 hours long presentation of ornithologist Erich Kubica. you will get to know more, e.g. which birds are nesting at Sĺňava, which migrate through Sĺňava and where all the local birds fly.

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Story of power plant for kids and adults

The historic Piešťany power plant also has its charm. Guided tours are divided into two variants. Guided tour of the secrets of the power plant is aimed at children. The comic book and its main characters, Ela and Edo light bulbs, are aid in walking through the former municipal power plant. Younger siblings in preschool age will be entertained by a themed coloring book.

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Town as a gallery

A guided tour that you should definitely not miss in Piešťany? We present you City as a gallery – the art of public space. On a tour of the narrower centre of Piešťany and the spa – you will learn more from behind the scenes of the well-known event Socha piešťanských parkov exhibition. On selected examples of sculptures in public space, the guide will introduce you to the circumstances and changes in contemporary thinking that have influenced the work of art since the second half of the 20th century.

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Piešťany modern art – guided tour

An engaging guided tour let by E. Rohoňová and L. Gažová is dedicated to interwar and post-war architecture and will boost all ages with rich information.

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House of Arts – guided tour

Guided tours in architectual masterpiece -House of Arts which are free of charge. Architects Lívia Gažová and Eva Rohoňová will accompany the participants in the areas of the brutalist building, which are otherwise not freely accessible to the public.

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Emil in the town – guided tour for children       

Under the motto „form follows the function “, number of significant buildings were created. The best example in well-known Collonade Bridge made by Emil Beluš. He is also one of the most famous Slovak architects of 20th century who will be main character of this event.

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